FAQ's Primary Schools


Each photo pack is contained within a clear, plastic-handle carrier bag so that prints are clearly visible for identification and distribution.

All of the photo packs are sorted into year groups for easy distribution within the school.

Each photo pack contains:

1 Pose

1 x 8" x 6" colour print inc high quality strut mount
2 x 6" x 4" colour prints inc high quality strut mounts

1 Free Preview Disc (If Requested)

1 Order Form

1 Payment Envelope

We can provide a free preview disc with eack pack. This disc contains extra images of the children that were captured by us. If parents wish to purchase these extra images then we can provide them with a high resolution disc containing all of their childs images for only £5.00 providing that they purchase the print pack. They can also purchase the high resolution disc for £15.00 without purchasing the print pack. We provide a letter of authorisation with every high resolution disc so that prints may be obtained from any photo processing shop etc, this way parents can purchase extra prints of their child for as little as 20 pence! Parents can also inform us if they do not want their childs images included on the preview disc. They can do this via a form that we provide to the school - a couple of weeks before the photoshoot - to distribute to the parents. We also provide a master disc of all the images that we have captured of the children to the school. So it is possible that any parent who expresses a wish that their childs images are not available to view on the preview disc, may possibly make arrangements with the school to view the master disc on the school premises.