Year Six Graduation Photography

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The end of year six is a special time of transition and it should definitely be a cause of celebration for teachers, parents and pupils alike. I am sure you would agree with us that the pupils should leave primary school and enter secondary school with confidence and a sense of achievement. With this in mind we have developed and can now offer a very professional, year 6 graduation photography service. Included in every photo pack is a Primary School Leavers Achievement Certificate; we feel that this personalised, mounted certificate will be something that every year six pupil can be proud of and parents will be delighted with the photos of the children posing in a traditional cap and gown.

You are welcome to use our graduation photography service as an added event even if you already use another photography company! We provide our mobile studio free of charge and each pupil is photographed with a graduation cap, gown, stole and certificate all provided by us. We capture individual images of each year six pupil and also a montage image of the whole class complete with teacher and any teaching assistants if required. A class containing 30 pupils will take on average 45- 60 minutes to photograph.

We do not use a proof system for parents, we are so confident of the quality and low price of the package that we simply provide each year six pupil with a photo pack on a sale or return basis.

This is a fantastic package for any school and the best news is that the whole pack only costs parents £15.00, plus the school receives 10% commission on all of the gross sales and we will also donate an extra £50.00 introduction bonus to the school for the first time that you use the service!

As photographers we have lots of experience of working with young children so we will be able to develop a good rapport and make the photoshoot fun for the pupils. We can provide Enhanced CRB Disclosures.

If you would like to arrange a date for our service, view a sample pack or wish to discuss the possibility of using our service then please contact us.

Each photopack consists:

12in x 6in Graduation Class Group pose In Matching Mount

Two 8in x 6in Graduation Individual Pose In Matching Mount

A4 Primary School Leavers Achievement Certificate In Matching Mount

Single Mount

Cert web