Playgroups - Day Nurseries - Pre Schools

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For Playgroups, Day Nurseries & Pre Schools we offer a reduced price photo pack to parents on a 'sale or return' basis but they are never under any obligation to purchase the pack.

As well as our generous commission arrangement, we also offer a £50.00 introduction bonus to any Playgroup, Day Nursery or Pre School that uses our photography service for the first time.

A lot of the establishments that we attend also invite friends and relatives along to the photoshoot as well because the more photos that are sold equals more commission for them! Along with our reduced priced print pack. customers are also offered the opportunity to purchase additional products, some of which include: Framed Enlargements, Canvas Blocks, Montage Framed Prints and High Resolution Digital Files.

We never ask for a minimum term contract to be agreed because we are confident that you will want to use our photography service again once you have seen the results!

You can discover in more detail about our service for Playgroups, Day Nurseries and Pre Schools in the FAQ's Nurseries section of this website.