FAQ's Nurseries


We offer a special promotion that we call our Take Away Pack. This usually consists of two different poses, one 12"x8" print and two 8"x6" prints of the same pose. Also included are a further two 8"x6" prints of a different pose. All of these prints are provided in high quality, contemporary mounts and with our special promotion the price is only £20.00! Each pack of prints is protected in a plastic handle, see-through carrier bag for easy identification. Also included with the pack are order forms for any extra prints, framed enlargements, canvas blocks, montage frames and digital files of the images. We can also provide a free preview disc in each pack, with this disc parents can view extra images of their children that were captured by us at the photoshoot. Parents are able to order extra prints or framed enlargements etc from these images via the supplied order forms. If parents prefer not to have their childrens images included on the disc then they can notify us of this on the initial consent form that is provided to them. Alternatively, instead of placing a disc in each pack, we can just provide one master disc of the images to the nursery and parents can view the images on a computer that is installed in the nursery itself.